Molly opened Lisenby Physical Therapy for Women (formerly known as McKenna Physical Therapy) in 2013.  
Opening a specialized physical therapy clinic for women staffed only by women had been a dream of hers for several years.  She is very happy to see it though and with her dedicated and compassionate staff hopes to continue to help many women in this community for years to come!

Molly is a Peoria native who attended Northern Illinois University earning a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences  in 2002 and a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy in 2003.  Molly began her career treating a wide variety of orthopedic and vestibular rehabilitation patients later realizing her passion to help women in a  very unique way.

Contact Molly by email at or by phone at 309-839-8631

MOLLY LISENBY (formerly McKenna), PT, WCS

Molly's philosophy throughout her career has been to provide the highest standard of treatment possible for any patient type she sees.  Molly began her interest in treating women's health patients in 2008, specifically obstetric patients.  Molly began attending courses for further education in Obstetrics which led her to taking courses for  specialization in Pelvic Floor Disorders.  The work was fascinating and she learned she was able to help many women in an unique way.  Whether she was helping someone overcome incontinence, reduce or eliminate their pelvic pain, or helping them enjoy their pregnancy pain free she felt she could make a difference.  She loved the collaboration she was able to have with area physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurse midwives.  She went on to become Certified in both Obstetrics and Pelvic Physical Therapy through the American Physical Therapy Association's Section on Women's Health (CAPP-OB and CAPP-Pelvic).  In 2013 Molly became a Board Certified Women's Clinical Specialist (WCS) through the American Board of Physical Therapist Specialties.  This distinction ranks her among an elite group of Physical Therapists across the nation that are truly the most qualified therapists to treat Women's Health conditions.  Molly additionally works as a lab assistant for the CAPP-OB and CAPP-Pelvic courses and has served as a member of the CAPP-OB committee responsible for keeping the OB courses up to date with the most recent evidence based research.